Useful information

Thermal baths - Useful information


  1. Due to health reasons, children under 6 cannot use the Thermal Bath. For children under 14, bathing in the thermal water is not recommended.
  2. Children under 14 can enter the bath units only under the supervision of a parent or an adult.
  3. The medically recommended bathing time in the medicinal water pools is 3x20 minutes. Between bathing occasions and after the cure, some rest is recommended. We kindly ask our guests to stay in the therapeutic water only for the time interval appropriate for one’s health conditions, as the too long bathing may lead to unexpected feeling of sickness.
  4. Before the use of the pools, shower shall be used.
  5. Due to electric shock protection reasons, only hair driers installed by the bath can be used.
  6. To avoid slipping in the pool area, please, use flip-flops.
  7. In the thermal bath and the associated medical units, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden.
  8. People with high temperature, infectious disease or open injuries or under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs or medicines shall postpone the use of the Bath.
  9. Please make sure to close your dressing cabinet after dressing.
  10. During the opening hours of the bath, a free of charge first aid service is available.
  11. The Mediterranean Experience Bath and the Mediterranean Sauna Centre is accessible via a closed corridor system from the thermal bath.
  12. Thermal waters from the thermal wells, including also the thermal water of Debrecen, contain dissolved mud with very fine particle size. This mud may enter the water of the thermal bath making it opalescent or even muddy.
  13. It is harmless for human health, as this mud can be used for medical purposes as well.


  1. Due to hygienic reasons, eating and drinking is forbidden in the pool area of the thermal bath.
  2. The Bar of the thermal bath shall be used to have the meal or drink brought there.
  3. It is strictly prohibited to litter in the medical locations, in the dressing rooms, in the pool area of the thermal and the experience bats or to contaminate the water of the pools in any other ways.
  4. Fragile objects or objects with any risk of accident or injury shall not be brought in the pools.


  1. The Bath cannot take responsibility for valuables left in the dressing cabinets or left unattended in the area of the bath.
  2. Please, take care of your valuables! One can place one’s personal valuables (jewellery, cash, financial securities, ignition keys, house keys, mobile phones etc.) in the safety cabinets free of charge.