Useful information

Aqua Park - Useful information


  1. Each guest of the Aquaticum Mediterranean Aqua Parks receives a chipped bracelet upon entry. The bracelet operates the lockers, and can be used to pay for any services or products without the need for cash. The bracelet also ensures admission to the Thermal Baths, the Sauna Centre and the Thai Massage Centre. There is no need for our guests to have cash in the pool hall, as any consumption and other services shall be paid upon checking out based on the data registered in the bracelet.
  2. The locker room has been designed for both sexes with private and family dressing cabinets at our guests’ disposal. For large groups, there is a separate dressing room.
  3. The Aquaticum Thermal and Wellness Hotel**** and the thermal bath can directly be accessed via a closed corridor system.
  4. The adult admission fee includes the admission of children under 3, whereas for children under 18, children ticket can be purchased. Children under 14 can enter the facility under the supervision of a parent or a major.
  5. Before the use of the pools, shower shall be used.
  6. Do not eat and drink in the pool area of the Aqua Park due to hygienic reasons!
  7. The Mediterranean Restaurant shall be used to have the meal or drink brought there.
  8. Smoking is allowed only on the sunbathing terrace and on the designated smoking areas.
  9. People with high temperature, infectious disease or open injuries or under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs or medicines shall not use the Bath.
  10. During the opening hours of the bath, a free of charge first aid service is available.
  11. Please make sure to close your dressing cabinet after dressing and putting in your personal items.


  1. To avoid personal injury and structural damage to the slides, please, do not wear jewellery during sliding. Please, keep the distance on certain slides and use the slide properly.
  2. Please, keep the sliding rules indicated on the information board at the top of the slides.
  3. Please, immediately leave the plunge pool after arrival.
  4. To avoid slipping in the pool area, please, use flip-flops.
  5. To avoid accidents due to slipping, it is recommended to use the rubber carpets in the pool area.
  6. Swimming cap is not obligatory in the pools, but it is recommended for guests with long hair.


  1. The Bath cannot take responsibility for valuables left in the dressing cabinets or left unattended in the area of the bath.
  2. Please, take care of your valuables! One can place one’s personal valuables (jewellery, cash, financial securities, ignition keys, house keys, mobile phones etc.) in the safety cabinets free of charge.


  1. The baby pool is for babies under 2, while the children pool is for children between 2 and 8.
  2. Children under 2 can only use the slides of the baby pool.
  3. Due to hygienic reasons, the use of waterproof diapers is obligatory in the baby and children pools. It is worth to have this diaper also for potty-trained children during bathing to avoid smaller ‘accidents’. Waterproof diapers (even one piece) are available in the gift shop at the entrance of the Aqua Park.
  4. Due to the hygiene of the children, adults shall not bath in the baby and children pool, however, they can stand in the pool or sit on the edge of it to help the entertainment of the children.