1. Anti-ageing gold facial treatment

A rejuvenating treatment recommended for dehydrated and ageing skin types untilising the power of 23carat gold, caviar extract, hyaluronic acid and several vitamins with a special emphasis on relaxation.

  1. Body treatment with natural Coconut

This treatment begins with body peeling, using a blended of lotus and frangipani scented exfoliating scrub containing coconut particles, making your skin baby soft. This is then followed by a coconut oil body massage. This massage, with warm oil, relieves stress and improves, the skin's condition turning it silky and glowing. The active ingredients refresh the skin and optimize the protective lipid layer all at the same time.

  1. Body care treatment for detox and anti-cellulite

The treatment helps rid the body of toxins thus improving the circulation, the nutrient and oxygen supply to the cells and activation of the immune system. It is recommended as a supplement to a regenerating regimen and also for cellulite treatment. Following a complete body mask containing body cleansing ingredients (e.g. nettles and honey) a lymphatic drainage massage is given using pure aromatic vegetable oils.   



This massage specifically tailored for the different phases of pregnancy is recommended from the 12th week of pregnancy and is offered in side-lying position alleviating tension and offering full relaxation for pregnant women.


In synchronised or four-handed massage two masseurs work together coordinating their movements on the same guest at the same time inducing a perfect state of rest and relaxation in the person being massaged. This is usually used with oil massages where long deep-acting massage techniques are required.


Baby massage strengthens the infant’s immune system, relieves wind and stomach pain, and accelerates the development of preterm babies. The oil improves the condition of the skin, firming tissues and strengthening muscles as a result of use.


  1. Shiatsu massage  

Shiatsu treatment helps you to harmonize your vital energies. During the massage the body is touched by the thumb applying pressure to reach a general wellbeing and peace of mind.

  1. Natural orange and chocolate face and body massage

In the first step of the massage orange scented warm oil is applied to release the pressure built up in the body, to relieve stressed conditions. As a second step a mask with an extra high chocolate content is applied, containing ginger and ginseng as well. The treatment reaches its climax with a face massage with orange oil during the exposure time of the chocolate. The treatment relaxes and clams the body and recharges the skin with valuable active ingredients.

  1. Lava stone massage

In this treatment, heated volcanic basalt stones having high thermal capacity are used. The strokes alloy the Swedish massage strokes of the western cultures with the energy orientation of the eastern philosophy, therefore, the treatment simultaneously affects one’s muscles and nervous system. It is a soothing, relaxing treatment completed with the benefits on one’s muscles.

  1. Indian scalp massage 

Traditional treatment using Indian oils, applying a thorough massage on the scalp. It is a pleasant, pampering treatment.

  1. Indian oleaginous body massage

A massage for the entire body using warm herbal oils. The body is pleasantly warmed up during the fast paced treatment. 


  1. Refreshing massage

It is a refreshing and conditioning massage performed with the traditional Swedish massage strokes. It improves one’s blood circulation and increases the capacity of one’s muscles. It soothes and relaxes perfectly.

  1. Refreshing sole massage
  2. Reflexological sole massage

Reflexology is an alternative therapy. Micro-areas exist in certain parts of the body that contain the complete body on a reduces scale. The soles are one of these areas. By massaging reflex zones in the micro-area a connetction is made between the given zone and the associated organ. In this way reactions to the stimulus can be triggered.

  1. Massage using aroma oils

It is a refreshing and conditioning massage performed with the traditional Swedish massage strokes. It improves one’s blood circulation and increases the capacity of one’s muscles. It soothes and relaxes perfectly. Various aroma oils available.


  1. Bath with aroma oils (Various aroma oils available.)


  1. Natural yucca hydrating face massage

This treatment utilises rarely used ingredients: the shoot tip of the orange plant to help tighten the skin, yucca extract for the cleansing of the skin, and exotic plants like baobab, mango and Tacuma butter for the rejuvenation of the skin. The massage creates a rejuvenated, well hydrated skin.

  1. Natural rose hydrating face massage

An effective hydrating, nourishing and emollient massage. Products used contain stonecrop, pink palm or Damask rose. Special oil is used for the massage that has a slightly acrid smell. -The skin is refreshed and becomes peachy due to the treatment. 

  1. Flower meadow face and body treatment

Get into harmony with nature! This special treatment includes a body scrub, body lotion, face and body massage.