Curative programs

The recovery of our guests is promoted by some 40 treatments based on medicinal waters and the assistance of specialists.

In view to the results of medical examinations, our specialists make up individual cure programs. In addition to classical bath treatments, a wide range of physiotherapies, exercise therapies and psychological methods are applied. The classical, water-based therapies and natural treatments rely on three pillars: prevention, therapy and rehabilitation.

Medicinal water treatments, preventive massages, physicotherapy, special wellness and rehabilitation, treatments for young mothers, psychology and locomotive treatments are all offered among our services.

These treatments are prescribed after making the necessary arrangements and medical examination by our physicians.


Therapeutic massage

Massage is one of the most ancient types of human medical treatments, and aims to improve the blood circulation in the given part of the body so as to loosen the rigid, bound muscles, painful contractures (myogelotic nodules). Massage is an intervention on the surface of the skin that involes systematic, dosed series of grips. It regenerates the flexibility of the skin and muscles, increases the performance of the muscles by improving circulation, and is also suitable for the enhancement of the flexibility of muscles. Therapeutic massage is performed by trained masseurs in massage rooms, on massage beds designed specifically for this purpose. Before the pre-arranged 20-minute treatment, a thermal bath is recommended, as the warmth of thermal water helps to loosen the muscles. The therapeutic massage focuses primarily on the diseased body surfaces, yet naturally the associated physiological parts are treated, as well.

Thermal water pool bath

Our 65°C medicinal water contains alkali chloride, hydrogen carbonate, iodine, bromide, sodium chloride and significant amounts of calcium, magnesium metaboric acid and metasilicic acid.

There are four thermal water pools, contrast baths and steam chambers in the domed pool hall featuring a pleasant atmosphere. Weight bath treatments and underwater medical exercises, being very popular with the patients, take place in two specially designed pools. A three-sectioned open-air pool is also part of the complex surrounded by a beautiful, pleasant, enclosed parked area. Before and after the treatment, it is recommended to taking a bath in the thermal water with the medically advisable duration of bathing being 20–30 minutes.

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Mud treatment

Medicinal muds are finely grained natural materials that as a result of their excellent water-absorbing and heat-storing properties are suitable for the preparation of mudpacks. Mud treatment generally complements the balneotherapeutic procedure, but can as well be used as an independent method of medicine frequently. During the treatments, mud sterilized on daily basis is placed directly onto the skin in an amount being suitable for the treated surface and at the appropriate temperature ( 42°C), and then heat insulation is provided with the use of textile sheets, rubber sheets and covers.

The treatment is a well-proven medical method primarily for soft-tissue rheumatisms, chronic neuralgias, skin diseases (psoriasis), gynecologic diseases, follow-up treatment of broken limbs, as well as the prevention and treatment of joint crimps. Acute and semi-acute inflammatory processes are contra-indications for the treatment.

Mud treatment is carried out in 30-minute periods from Monday to Friday, and the treatment lasts 20 minutes with the remaining time to be dedicated to preparations and rest.

Weight bathing

Weight baths take place in a special, tiled pool with a 71 sq m water surface, equipped with 4 single-point suspensions. The pool is filled with 34–35 ° C water. The suspension time is 15 minutes, with or without weight. It is followed by 10–20 minutes of active rest time. Patients are under continuous supervision during the weight baths.

Subaquatic traction was developed by the famous Hungarian rheumatologist, Károly Mol.

The aim of the treatment is the relaxation of the nerves coming from the spinal chord and being under constant pressure to some extent, the reduction of the tone of the paravertebral muscles, the improvement of the restricted mobility of the spine, hip and knee joints.

Effervescent bath

In Debrecen, artificially generated effervescent baths are used. The gas bubbles floating in the water stick to the surface of the body, and the irritability of the existing cold-sensitive nerve endings in the skin is vastly reduced, thus the capillaries dilate, and thus the typical outcome of the treatment emerges: the formation of ethyrema. The effervescent bath is the most suitable physiotherapy procedure for the treatment of peripheral circulation disorders, postoperative treatment after heart and other surgeries, venal insufficiency, diabetic blood vessel disorders, Raynaud syndrome. Due to its vessel dilation and sedative effect, it can also be applied advantageously to hypertonia and neurosis.

The ready-made effervescent bath is 33 °C. After the patient has settled in the bathtub, it is covered with a plastic board, a sheet is placed around the patient’s neck. The treatment lasts 10 minutes.

Underwater water-jet massage


The underwater water-jet massage treatment is performed in rooms and bathtubs designed specifically for this purpose, and solely on medical advice.

A treatment lasts 20 minutes, wherein the actual duration of the treatment is 10–15 minutes. The remaining time is used for draining, washing, disinfection and recharging. The treatment takes place in 35–36 ° C water.

The treatment aims at improving the strength and circulation of muscles near the joints with chronic degenerative diseases. It is favourable for peripheral circulation disorders, postoperative treatments.


The underwater water-jet massage treatment performed in rooms, bathtubs designed specifically for this purpose, solely on medical advice. The temperature of the water is 35–37 ° C. The operator targets the water-jets of 0.5–2 bar pressure to the treated part of the body at a distance of 10–20 cm from the skin surface. A bath of 0–15 minutes is advisable prior to the treatment.

The average duration of the treatment is 10–15 minutes, wherein relaxation can be facilitated by supports; the operator takes care of the comfortable positioning of the patient, and the gradual application of the treatment.

The patient are advised to rest 20–30 minutes after the treatment.

Underwater gymnastics for groups

The group underwater gymnastics take place in the medical exercise pool. A group treatment lasts half an hour, and the group consists of a maximum of 13 persons. During the exercises, the muscles get stronger with the movement of the joints, as well as the blood circulation and coordination improved.

Physiotherapeutic treatments

Physiotherapeutic treatments are carried out in specifically designed treatment rooms and beds by physiotherapeutic assistants, solely on medical advice.

Guests are treated for 20 minutes. 

Laser therapy

It is in fact a modern photo-therapeutic method. It increases tissue-circulation, boosts local metabolism, has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory effects, and accelerates the regenerative processes of tissues. It can be applied effectively to several rheumatic, neural and vascular diseases.

  • Arthralgia
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Headaches, migraine
  • Alleviating other types of pain
  • Skin diseases, herpes simplex and zoster
  • Treatment of sporting injuries, muscle strains

Diadynamic current therapy

Diadynamic currents are positive waves superposed on constant direct current. The treatment is effective in relieving nerve pains, degenerative spine and joint disorders, curing peripheral circulation disorders.

Interference current therapy

With the help of four electrodes, mid-frequency current is applied to the body through two current circuits. The approx. 100 Hz frequency floating current generated with the crossing of the two circuits exercises certain biological effects on the treated surface. It is successfully applicable to the treatment of joint dislocations, muscle pains, degenerative joint and spine ailments, paralysis.

Galvanic current treatment

Constant galvanic current treatment

It is the oldest electrotherapeutic treatment. It can be efficiently applied to pain alleviation – primarily in neuralgia, neuritis, myalgia, ligament inflammation, tendovaginitis, inflammatory pains of the spine and limb joints.

Kowarschik galvanic treatment

It is a special galvanic treatment to decrease femoralgic and brachialgic pains.

Four- and two-cell subdivision galvanic treatment

The treatment is especially beneficial for joint complaints. The patient’s forearms and/or legs are placed in water-filled bowls. Current is led to the 34°C water. Since just a part of the body is dipped in water, the four-cell electric current can be more intensive than in the case of the galvanic bath. A further advantage is that blood circulation is intensified with this treatment.

Therapeutic stimulus current (Myotest)

Stimulus current is the name of the electric current whose application results in the contraction of the muscles. The series of direct current impulses selectively produce contractions in the damaged muscle without causing pain. It is an important therapeutic procedure in peripheral paralysis, the prevention of muscle wastage and the strengthening of weak muscles.


TENS is the acronym for transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation i.e. nerve stimulation through the skin.

TENS is suitable for the alleviation of such muscle pains and neuralgia as lumbago, gout, rheum, back and shoulder pains, headaches, migraine, inflammations of the joints, zoster, facial neuralgia, and in general used after the acute phase of neuritis, as well as for the treatment of smaller vasoconstrictions, alleviation of pains after accidents or surgeries, the avoidance of bed-sore and muscle wastage in the case of muscle paralysis after cerebral accidents, etc.


In iontophoresis therapy, various medicines are supplied to the body through the skin with the use of galvanic current, in other words it is a combination of electric and medicinal treatment. Generally, 1–3% medicinal solutions are applied, and the current intensity is selected in view to the individual sensitivity of the patient.

Ultrasound treatment

It brings about mechanical, thermal and chemical effects in tissues. Due to its muscle-relaxing, pain-relieving and blood-dilatory effects on blood vessels, it is widely applied. Ultrasound treatments are suitable for nearly every locomotive diseases.


Magnetotherapy is a treatment with magnetic energy generated by electrical current. During the treatment, the magnetic field is interrupted, thus the body is exposed to repetitive electromagnetic impulses. As an effect, channels may open in the cellular walls that this electromagnetic impulse crosses, and thought these channels such materials can enter the cells that influence the functioning of the cells. These materials can be either positive, or negative.

The treatment can be successfully applied to the alleviation of different pains, the treatment of rheumatic disorders, sporting injury rehabilitation, the strengthening of the immune system, the prevention of blood supply disorders, sleeping disorders, the allaying of stress and the enhancement of physical and intellectual capacities.

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