The thermal bath is waiting for you

Let’s go to the thermal bath!

Every day of the week, the Aquaticum Thermal Bath offers each of its guests the wide range of pampering recreation. The caressing healing power of thermal water, the sauna warming one’s body and soul and the attractiveness of the relaxing massage makes the time spent with us unforgettable.

By taking a look around the pool, the serenity of the Great Forest and the irresistible beauty of nature embrace each of our guests.

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The alternating temperature bath called “The Well of Soul” and the pool area referring to the four elements (fire, water, earth and air) perfectly ensure refreshment and the improvement of psychic condition. In the “thermal sanctuary”, thermal water pools of different temperature, mushroom showers, massaging water jets, bubble baths, pleasure showers and comfortable resting rooms, heated benches and beds make the recreation of the guests more pleasant.



Thermal water

The thermal bath introduces the clean thermal water of 65°C to the pools directly from its own well. It is recommended to stay 20-30 minutes at a time in the thermal bath cooled to the temperature of 33-38°C suitable for bathing, which is just a sufficient inspiration for the refreshment of the tired body and soul. One of the most beloved pools is the outdoor clover-shaped pool where massaging water jets, neck shower and underwater massage jet help relaxation by providing massage to the back, shoulders and waist. In the salt cabin facilitating healing, one can enjoy the unique joy of doing nothing. 



Everything for health

The health-supporting services of our thermal bath includes the Sauna World with its area of several hundreds of square meters where one can find Finnish sauna, infra sauna, steam cabin, different resting facilities and Kneipp pool as well. In our wellness island, our professional masseurs are there for you to redefine the term pampering. In our therapeutic department almost 40 different kinds of treatments based on medicinal water and the involvement of specialist physicians facilitate the healing of the patients and our guests.