Medicinal water

The medicinal water of Debrecen is 65°C thermal water containing alkali chloride, hydrogen carbonate, iodine, bromide, sodium chloride and significant amounts of calcium, magnesium metaboric acid and metasilicic acid.

Name of component   mg/l mg. equivalent 
Sodium Na+ 1750,00 76,08
Potassium K+ 20,00 0,51
Ammonium NH4+ 2,30 0,12
Calcium Ca2+ 10,00 0,50
Magnesium Mg2+ 8,60 0,71
Iron Fe2+ 0,10 0,00
Manganese Mn2+ not detectable  
Cation total   1791,00  77,92 
Nitrate NO3- not detectable  
Nitrite NO2- not detectable  
Chloride Cl- 1790,00 50,42
Bromide Br- 5,00 0,06
Iodide J- 2,00 0,01
Fluoride F- 1,05 0,05
Sulphate SO42- not detectable  
Hydrocarbon HCO3- 1880,00 29,84
Phosphate PO43- 0,45 0,01
Anion total   3678,50  80,39 
Meta boric acid HBO2 150,00 --
Meta silicic acid H2SIO3 39,00 --
Ions total   5658,50  158,31 

Being rich in valuable organic and inorganic materials, our medicinal water is especially recommended for the treatment of the following diseases:

  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Chronic inflammations of the joints (inactive rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis psoriatica)
  3. Spondylarthritis ankylopoetica (Morbus Bechterew)
  4. Wearing joint diseases (arthrosis)
  5. Wearing diseases of the spine (spondylosis-spondylarthrosis)
  6. Soft tissue rheumatism (chronic tendovaginitis, chronic myalgia, tennis-elbow)
  7. Ischia other neuralgias
  8. Slipped disc – post operational status
  9. Paralyses remaining after diseases of the nervous system
  10. Impediments of the limbs after injury or an accident
  11. Orthopedic disorders
  12. Constriction of blood vessels
  13. Skin diseases (psoriasis), chronic eczema
  14. Chronic inflammatory gynecological diseases, certain forms of infertility, climacteric disorders
  15. Chronic respiratory diseases (inhalation)
  16. Psychosomatics and vegetative disorders


  1. Certain heart diseases (arrhytmia, severe heart failure, three month after heart attack, untreated high blood pressure)
  2. Acute state of diseases of the limbs
  3. Epilepsy
  4. Contagious diseases, condition of fever
  5. Malignant tumors,
  6. Untreated diseases of the thyroid gland,
  7. Incontinence (incontinentia alvi et urinae)