Women’s days in the Aquaticum Sauna World

Women’s days in the Aquaticum Sauna World

On 11 August 2022, from 18:00, our Sauna World is “free of men”, and pampers only the ladies.

Ladies in the spotlight! 

  1. Once a month, on a Thursday to be determined, only ladies are dealt with between 18:00 until closure. In this period, our sauna world pampers only the ladies, without men.
  2. From 18:00, you can recover from the tired weekdays with professional sauna master ladies, and you can get to know the benefits of a healthy sauna for your body and soul.

Women’s sauna day starting times:

Time Programmes (HUF 500/programme/person) Intensity
18:00  Master sauna Relaxing aromas - peeling
18:40  Master sauna Refresh program ♦♦
19:20  Master sauna Good night! ♦♦♦


Fee: 500 HUF/programme

Next times: 

  1. 25 August 2022
  2. 8 September 2022
  3. 22 September 2022

The services of the Sauna World can be used without bathing suit, by using a sauna sheet or towel.

The Ladies’ Day is valid until recalled, except public holidays and workday-weekday swaps.

Bring your friend with you and enjoy the “No men zone”.