Traffic pattern changes at Great Forest!


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By car From the direction of Budapest on Motorway M35 directly to Debrecen . Turn down at the first exit with the direction board - Debrecen-Észak.
  From the direction of Szeged Main Road no. 47 Router planer
  From the direction of Nyíregyháza Main Road no. 4 GPS: É 47.55179°, K 21.62901°
  From the direction of Miskolc Motorway M35
By train By InterCity trains

departing from the Budapest Eastern / Western Central Station to Debrecen
Telephon: +36 (40) 49 49 49
By bus

By the scheduled lines of the VOLÁN Zrt.
By plane Airport Debrecen The Airport of Debrecen lies in a 10-minute distance from the city center.
  Budapest - Ferihegy Airport 240 km from Debrecen
  Nagyvárad (Románia)- Aeroportul Oradea 60 km from Debrecen