The popular indoor and outdoor therapeutic water pools with various water temperatures and the contrast bath of the renewed thermal bath are open all year long.

In the renewed domed pool hall, there are three therapeutic water pools with different water temperatures, a swimming pool, a contrast bath, pulsating showers, heated benches and relaxation beds, making one’s relaxation more pleasant.

Besides, an all-year-long operating outdoor therapeutic water pool provides additional benefits to the curative therapy in Debrecen.

The outdoor and indoor pools, supplied with water massage jets and waist massage, ensure the perfect recreation of our guests or offer relaxation between the medical treatments.

In two separate, specially designed pools, the very popular underwater exercises and the weight bath treatment take place.

The Sauna world with its area of many hundred m2, the therapeutic salt chamber, the pleasant relaxation areas and the increased outdoor area make one’s stay to be a real recreation.

The thermal bath receives the clean therapeutic water from its own well. The water gets directly to the pools after cooling. In the therapeutic water of 33-38°C suitable for bathing, a stay of 20-30 minutes is recommended.

The right availability between the bathing units is ensured by a closed corridor system, making our services easily and rapidly accessible.

Thermal water pools

NOVELTY: In the 33 °C pool, air inflow generates a pleasant, fizzy and sparkling feeling.

In the pool hall of the thermal bath, one can select from pools with thermal water of 33, 35 and 38 °C. There are comfortable benches in all pools contributing to the recreation and the relaxation.

The adventure elements of the 35 °C pools: the mushroom showers and the water massage jets provide a fine massage to regenerate the tired muscles of the guests.

In the 20 °C and 40 °C pools of the thermal bath, one can take a contrast bath to reinvigorate one’s blood circulation.

Furthermore, experience baths, heated benches and relaxation beds make one’s recreation more pleasant.

One of the most popular pools is the clover shaped outdoor pool with 36-38 °C water, in which there are water massage jets, neck showers and underwater water-jets provide relaxation by massaging one’s back, neck and waist.

Water depthTemperatureAdventure elements
Thermal pool I. 1,2 m 38 ˚C
Thermal pool II. 1,2 m 33 ˚C air inflow
Swimming pool 1,2 m 28 ˚C
Thermal pool IV. 1,2 m 35 ˚C Water massage jet, neck shower, underwater waist massage
Contrast bath 1,2 m 20 ˚C, 40 ˚C
Outdoor thermal pool 36-38 ˚C Water massage jet, neck shower, underwater waist massage

Sauna World

Taking a sauna offers a great opportunity for health-conscious people, as offering well-being, it recovers one’s mental and physical fitness.

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